UMA-BCI Speller software

UMA-BCI Speller examples

UMA-BCI Speller is an open access application that allows to configure a BCI-speller based on the P300 potential. This application is based on the BCI2000 platform but with the particularity of making use of a graphical user interface that greatly facilitates the configuration of any speller. The management of the application is not only very simple, but also allows you to configure a multitude of options (design of the matrix, size of letters and symbols, colors, images, pictograms…) that with other platforms is much more complex. Thanks to the user manual and its easy operation, in less than an hour you can configure your BCI-Speller and have it fully operational. Furthermore, it supports the RCP and RSVP paradigms.

To access the UMA-BCI Speller download, a password is required.

  • If you already have a password, access the download here.
  • If you still do not have the password, write to to request it. Please include in the mail your name and the institution for which you work.

Available downloads without password: